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Mantis Concept Brothers : Ghillie Crafting Materials

Firstly let me start by saying a huge thanks to Sascha over at Mantis Concept Brothers for sending me over some of the Ghillie Crafting Materials he has to offer.

As as avid crafter myself, I’m always on the lookout for new materials or alternatives to what I already use. After speaking with Sascha he mentioned he had some crafting stuff on his site and kindly offered to send me some.

So, here we are a few days later (postage was quite quick!) and the stuff has arrived, so lets jump in.

Mantis Concept Brothers

who are Mantis Concept Brothers?

Here’s a quote direct from Sacha over at mantis:

“Mantis Concept Brothers arose from the idea of ​​being able to offer snipers everything in one place, when it comes to building the perfect ghillie.

Mantis was able to fall back on a great network of friends and colleagues, which made things a lot easier at the start. I’ve been playing airsoft myself for 9 years and almost exclusively as a sniper for 4 years, in that time I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and playing with a ton of great people.

I love to travel and play airsoft all over Europe. I also like to try new things and test new concepts in order to be able to offer the best Ghillie Crafting Materials for players.

Ghillie crafting materials : what’s in the box

The first items which caught my eye are the dyed raffia bundles, straight of the bat they look great, the colour and tones are spot on for what I’m looking for.

In this box were some dyed greens and light browns, taking them outside and trying them in a few spots, they really did look good and blended in well as you can see form the pictures below.

Green Raffia

The green raffia is very good in my opinion, both shades work well against the colour of the grass, especially considering these images are up close and unedited.

Ghillie Crafting Materials

I love these browns, most off the shelf raffia you get, while being cheap is generally very bright, this stuff is toned down and has various shades, which blend really well. I’m looking forward to adding some of this raffia to the basic rifle wrap I did recently, I really think it’ll help break up the shape and give it some depth.

Next up is the Ivy, this certainly works well here in the UK and they come pre stripped into small pairs of leaves, which can be cable tied straight onto whatever it is you’re crafting. Ivy leaves or any leaves really, are a great way to break up the shape of a suit, ideally you want o use leaves than match the colours of where you play.

Ghillie Crafting Materials Ivy

Finally, are the good old, tried and tested maple leaves, these have been knocking around in the crafting world for years. There’s a ton of variations of these and even more ways to craft them if you have the time. if you don’t and you just want something ready to go, then these are fine to add right on.

The browns look great, there’s a few different shades and 2 different sizes in the pack I got. They work well and look quiet nice on the floor among some other leaves. These are a little “stiff” out the packet, so I gave them a little scrunching up which worked well.

Fake Leaves
Mantis fake Leaves


Overall, as far as premade Ghillie Crafting Materials go, the offerings from Mantis are good. Especially the raffia. Everything is good quality, there’s certainly a few things I prefer and others I’m on the fence about.

The raffia for me personally is great, the price isn’t too bad considering the time and effort to do it yourself.

For the the leaves and ivy, the price is a smidge high, but again, when you take into consideration the time and additional materials needed to do it yourself, it’s a choice between saving money and spending time, or saving time and spending money.

Some of you will be happy making your own ghillie crafting materials, others will jump at the chance to get something premade and ready to go.

Below is the rifle wrap that I knocked up recently, I’ve added some of the above materials to it, so you can see how they actually look when applied. If you’re interested in making a rifle wrap yourself, you can check out the link section below.

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