This is the home of the more obscure/random blog post that don’t fit into the main categories, random testing, updates, product releases etc

Effective Range and Max Range, what’s the difference?

Introduction: If you’re on social media, you’ll have no doubt come across many pictures/videos/posts about peoples ranges that they are achieving, whether that’s 80m or 140m.   Range is a very subjective thing and there are many different ways to look at it, this post isn’t about discrediting anything or calling anything out, purely my …

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YouTube is now live

Hey guys,    Not a blog post as such, more of a brief notification that I’m now going to be doing some basic videos alongside my blog posts.   These will be unedited/raw videos ranging from builds to reviews of items.   My YouTube channel is “Snipermechanics” and I’ve put a few short videos up and …

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1500 Likes: A Huge Thank You!

  Wow!! We Just reached 1500 likes!! A huge thank you to everyone who follows my content.   When I started this blog, it just wanted to document some of the builds I was doing and give new players some accessible information and inspiration for their own builds.   Since doing the blog and Instagram, …

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