Here you’ll find tips and tricks on how to craft your ghillie suits, using crafting techniques both new and old, alongside where to get materials.



HaloScreen: HaloScreen is a kind of soft mesh material that you can get in a few varying shades of green, it’s very light, stretchy and due to being mesh, semi opaque. Due to the characteristics of the material it’s a good addition to most Leaf Suit builds and is great at bulking out the suit …

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Cotton Tape

Airsoft Ghillie

Cotton Tape: So what is cotton tape? Essentially it’s just varying length and widths of cotton uses for edging in clothing. However due to the colours and how cheap it is, it’s a very effective material for crafting. At the bottom of the post, I’ve added some links for the colours and sizes of cotton …

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Raffia: Raffia is the base ingredient for pretty much any kind of ghillie suit, it creates depth, adds tones and generally helps break up the shape of the ghillie. One of the greatest benefits of Raffia is that it’s cheap, very cheap, it’s also available from a huge variety of places so easy to get …

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