Here you’ll find various guides on a wide variety of rifles/pistols, be it old, new, unusual or rare. We’ll continually expand this area the more content

Amoeba Striker AS03 Budget 1J Build

Amoeba Striker AS03 Introduction: The Amoeba Striker AS03 is the latest addition to the Amoeba Airsoft range of rifles. The are budget/entry level rifles which can work well without having to spend a fortune on them. The Striker AS01 and Striker AS02, both being well received on release, the AS03 is no exception. While it’s …

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Silverback SRS Upgrades Video: Now on YouTube

Silverback SRS A1

Just a quick update to let you all know that I’ve uploaded a new Silverback SRS Upgrades video to YouTube: Link to the SRS W.A.S.P information is Link to upgrade parts for the SRS are Link to upgrades/beginners guide Links: Accessories:

Hadron Airsoft Designs: Modular TDC Review

Hadron Airsoft Designs Introduction: Once again, we’re here again with another awesome product from Hadron Airsoft Designs! If the original Hadron Airsoft Designs MK23 TDC wasn’t good enough, we were blessed with the limited edition twin screw and now…..we have what could be the perfect Mk23 TDC system. What is it you ask? It’s the …

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Redline N7 Milsim Review

Introduction: Firstly let me start by saying that the Redline N7 Milsim kit, regulator, airstock, bottle and kydex cover were all kindly provided by the guys over at We got talking about projects etc and my interest in building a HPA DMR and they kindly offered to provide the internals and I’d source the …

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Hadron Airsoft Designs: Glock TDC

Hadron Airsoft Designs TDC Introduction: So….what’s this? A new Hadron Airsoft Designs TDC you say? For a Glock?!?! Absolutely! Following the outstanding success of the MK23 TDC and it’s various versions/revisions throughout the last few years, Hadron Airsoft Designs has been behind the scenes working on the same principles, but updated to suit the Glock series of …

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Silverback SRS: The SniperMechanics Guide (ongoing/evolving)

s   ***Please note that is is an ongoing post and will be continually updated with missing images/video What is the SRS? The Silverback SRS is a licenced Airsoft Replica based on the Desert Tech SRS-A1 series of rifles. Real steel history of the rifle can be found here:  Having been released on the 25th November …

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