Viper have been around and in the outdoor market for about 25 years according to their website, they’ve certainly been a brand I’ve known about since I started airsoft in 2004.

I’ve had a lot of viper gear of the years, from tops to belts, holsters, camo tape etc. it’s also been an entry level brand suitable for new players or established players on a budget.

I really think over the last few years they’ve upped their game in terms of quality and the general ides they’re putting out.

Why do I use their rigs? They are simply cheap, they work and the quality/price balance is great.


current vx utility rig

For a long time now I’ve been using the Viper VX Utility rig as my mine setup, I got this a few years ago when they first came out and I was immediately drawn to it, due to how modular it was.

Below is how my rig looks currently, pouch wise I’m running:
1 x Quad SMG Insert
1 x Double Pistol Insert
1 x Half Flap
1 x Scrote pouch
1 x Charger Pack (backpack)
1 x Set of Viper Shoulder Pads (Absolute recommend these for any setups with unpadded straps)

Buckle Up Utility Rig
VX Charger Pack

As you can imagine, my setup is tailored for the marksman/recon role, so I wanted something small and lightweight, but with enough space to carry what I need for a skirmish.

Depending on the rifle/Sidearms I’m using, I would usually be able to fit:

4 x MK23 mags in the quad SMG insert
Tools, snacks, small bag of bb’s, speedloader in the scrote pouch
2 x VSR mags in front double pistol pouch
2 x VSR mags and 2 x USP compact in the half flat section.
What I run the in charge pack varies, but usually it’s a hydration bladder and maybe a gas bottle for the pistols.

Viper Utility Rig

Additionally I use a cheap holster tucked under one arm for my MK23, this would just be strapped to the top and middle straps and then secured with cable ties, but I have no idea where it is currently…


Having had my rig for a while, I’ve been happy with it, both in terms of quality and how it has performed. However it’s always nice to have a few rigs in case one gets damaged, if you don’t want to swap setups or simply as a spare to loan out to friends.

What caught my eye with the VX Buckle Up Ready Rig, was the fact it already comes with some basic pouches installed, specifically the utility pouches which are sealed. With the utility rig you can get half covers and full covers, but your gear is still pretty exposed, with the 2 fully sealed pouches, I liked the idea of being able to put stuff in there I didn’t want wet like my tools, maps, food etc

Straight out the bag the rig comes as per the below:

Viper VX Buckle Up Ready Rig Main
Buckle Up Ready Rig

You can run this a hundred different ways, as a basic rig as is with just an M4 or SMG/Pistol insert, or you can rock some 7.62 inserts for larger mags like the SRS etc. I personally run the 4 x SMG inserts, as that way all my main pistols mags are easily accessible, plus close to by chest for those colder months.

The back of the rig has velco, with is where you attach the wings (I don’t have any, but Emerson/TMC do them), these are ideal for grenades, tools or a radio etc. You also use this velcro to attach the Scrote Pouch or Dangler pouch which Viper do.

You can also go full on out and attach the whole thing to a charger back, with the additional scrote or dangler pouches etc and end up with a full rig suitable for a full day milsim.

The straps of the rig are adjustable and can be loosened or tightened as required. My only one small gripe is the shoulder straps have zero padding and when you start packing the rig out with pistol mags or GBB mags for a rifle, they aren’t the most comfortable. Not a huge issue as you can buy various types of shoulder pads, I just tick with the viper ones are they are very cheap and I’ve had the same set for years with no issues, so I’ll just use the ones I have and swap them over when I use this rig.

viper shoulder comfort pads green

The 2 pistol mag pouches on the front, while elasticated are a bit oversized. If you’re using Tac-41 magazines or putting 2 x VSR mags in each they’ll be fine, but if you’re going to put normal GBB pistol mags in, I’d be inclined to add a small bungie tab to keep them extra snug.


One of the cool features of the VX stuff Viper is knocking out, is how it’s all compatible together and things can be quickly swapped out depending on the situation or gear you want to run on that particular day

How it looks with my stuff on it from the utility rig

Viper VX Rig

Obviously my old rig is crafted, so I’ll need to craft this rig at some point, I’ll just end up spraying it and dirtying it up a bit.

Everything fits together perfectly and literally just swaps over and clips in or the velcro just pops out, which is ideal, especially if you want to just swap the main insert from 4 x pistol mags to maybe a triple m,4 insert to run an AEG for the afternoon, or even ditch the charger pack and just run around with the main rig only.

I don’t have one of the new buckle up Plate Carriers from Viper (Hint Hint Viper if you read this lol) but the main rig section should also simply just clip onto the front of that to.

The new rig uses all the same parts as my old which are:

1 x Quad SMG Insert
1 x Double Pistol Insert
1 x Scrote Pouch
1 x Charger pack (with shoulder pads)
Also it already has the additional 2 mag pouches and 2 utility pouches as standard

Considering there’s not a huge increase in sizer between the two rig, the additional space you aging and stuff you can carry is quite a bit more.

Ready Rig
VX Ready Rig Viper


Final thoughts on this? For the price, it’s a great little rig, certainly up with with the Utility rig. if you’re just starting in airsoft or you’re just looking for a more minimalist but effective setup, then the VX Buckle Up Rigs really are good value.

This rig will end up being crafted and I’ll likely buy some more inserts for 7,62 and use this setup for when I run the SRS/SSG24 or an assault rifle, with the VX Utility Rig staying as my rig for the VSR/Tac/SSg10 loadouts.

This is maybe my 4/5th rig from Viper now, I’ve had the Utility rig, this rig, the spec ops rig which I reviewed here, plus an old H-Harness setup and one of their first Plate Carriers.

I’ve personally never had any issues with their rigs or accessories, beside a buckle breaking which I got replaced for free in about a day or two.

Here’s some pictures of me running the VX rigs at games, as you can see it’s tiny, which is ideal for creeping around.

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