HaloScreen is a kind of soft mesh material that you can get in a few varying shades of green, it’s very light, stretchy and due to being mesh, semi opaque. Due to the characteristics of the material it’s a good addition to most Leaf Suit builds and is great at bulking out the suit and adding depth.

How To Use HaloScreen:

Very much like the Cotton material I wrote a guide on and did a short video on, you can craft with HaloScreen in the same way.

To start with you will want to cut the material in small sections, using all the the different shades you have, this will depend on where you purchased the materials.

HaloScreen Cut

Personally, I like to split whatever I’m crafting into sections and distribute the HaloScreen between them, as an example, I might use 25 pieces per limb, 20 for head piece, 35/40 pieces for front and back of the jacket.


Once you have all your materials, you’ll want to start attaching them with the small brown cable ties linked below and mentioned in my other posts.

HaloScreen Cable Tie

How much you attach, which shades etc will all depend on the environment that you play in, some places might be lush greens in which case you can be a bit more generous with it, other places could be a lot darker, so you may use the darker cotton materials, with HaloScreen adding just to add different tones.

How It Looks:

Below are some examples pieces using both Cotton and HaloScreen materials.

Marpat Hood

Airsoft Ghillie

Jackets Halo

Halo-Screen – https://www.empireairsoft.co.uk/haloscreen.html

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