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Modify Steyr Scout Thoughts & Q&A w/ GrayFox79 (Live Archive #2)

ASG Steyr Scout

Steyr Scout rifle introduction:

Live archive of Sniper Mechanics and GrayFox89 going over Modify’s new product – The Modify Steyr Scout Rifle as well as answerin questions asked by the viewers.

The ASG / Modify-Tech Steyr Scout Rifle is a licenced Airsoft Rifle, coming from Modify-Tech and being distributed under licence via Action Sport Games. Modify-tech are well known in the Airsoft world, they are people behind the Mod24/SSG24 rifle which gained popularity through Novritsch and also some of their newer gas replicas like the PP-2K.

They’ve been in the market for a long time and over the years have made some great parts. If you’re enjoying our content, please leave a like and consider subscribing!

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