Leaf Suits: What are the options?

Leaf Suits: Where to start?

So, you’ve watched all the YouTubers, you’ve been hit in the face from nowhere, had a bush shout at you for not taking your hits and stood on another player……Now you’re thinking that you want to give leaf suit a go.

There are many options for leaf suits, some higher quality ones, some middles ones, then there are the dirt cheap ones. I’ll cover my personal experiences with all of them, as I’ve owned a large variety of suits from a number of brands over the years. The below list is based on suits that I have/do currently own, as my collection grows, I’ll continue to amend this list.

We’ll start at the higher end of the scale and a style of suit that I personally have a number of.

The FSB Leaf suits, these are the top of the scale in terms of both pricing and quality, they come and go online every few months and there are a number of brands making them.

This first suit, is a “Leshiy Suit”, which is made by Berkana. My suit came absolutely huge in terms of size, so I’ve had to modify it it some areas and cable tie material, so that it sits better on me. This suit comes with the top (button up version) and trousers, the tail of the jacket is extended and the colours used are absolutely spot on for the UK environment, I’ve further modified my suit with elasticated straps for natural vegetation and I’ve done some minimalist crafting using nothing but Cotton, Raffia and HaloScreen. The quality on the suit is great, stitching is good, colours good, the mesh used is very strong and perfect based for crafting.

IMG Leshiy Suit

Next up is another FSB Leaf Suit, this one I’ve had some time and I believe it was originally OEM by 5.45 tactical. Same as above this comes with trousers and top (zipper version), in terms of quality and colours, it’s comparable to the “Leshiy Suit”. This was the first FSB suit that I got, originally crafted as a more spring/summer suit, using lots of artificial vegetation such as nettles, fake leaves and sneaky leaves, additionally green ribbons and Raffia are used.

IMG 5.45 FSB Suit

Jack Pyke, one of the earliest and most trusted brands of leaf suit….until they changed their colours, but I’ll touch on that later. I’ve had a number of Jack Pyke suits over the years, both the original colours (which were amazing) and the newer darker/weird colours. My current collection only contains a newer colour Jack Pyke suit, however I’ve treated mine to get better base colours, crafting wise, it’s got a bit of everything on it, Raffia, fake veg, Sneaky Leaves, HaloScreen.

These suits can be found on ebay and some stores still have stock, but chances are you’ll get the newer style, which is after the factory change, this change basically darkened all of the colours and added strange purples hues to the suit, albeit it’s actually very easy to treat these suits and get a much better base colour, but I’ll cover that in the Jack Pyke Ghillie Treatment post when I get some time. The mesh on these suits is good, colours aren’t bad but can be vastly improved with an hours work, so if you can find them, they are still worth getting.

Purchase Here

IMG Jack Pyke Suit

Now we’re into a newish player in the market, North Mountain Gear. These guys have been knocking out some very good quality stuff in the last few years, offering a number of different options and colours, while being very competitive price wise, so much so, I have a number of their suits and jackets. The base mesh is without a doubt THE the highest quality base material of any suit currently, it’s very strong, easy to dye/treat, colours are good and it’s comfortable, however…..they are very warm in summer! One of my personal favourite features is the fact the suits are very bulky in terms of how many leaves they have on them, much more than any other suit available on the market.

Kicking Mustang KMCS 2.0 and 3.0 

The original KMCS 2.0 design. The same milspec quality concealment system as the 3.0, featuring an oversized hood with 2 way adjustment for perfect fit, elongated cuffs, randomised leaf strips which create a natural texture and covered in elastic loops for adding natural vegetation in field.

It has double thickness material at the elbow and knees and it can be worn over or under a plate carrier or webbing with open pockets giving the wearer easy access to anything worn under the suit.

The KMCS is IRR (Infra Red Retardant) which will provide protection against opponents who are using night vision equipment.

The original KMCS 2:0 does not have the upgraded features of the KMCS 3:0 suit, namely it doesn’t have elastic straps and a web built into it, no wire supported hood, or thumb loops and extended cuffs over the back of the hands.

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The North Moutain Leaf Suits

A very economical suit, which is very much worth considering in terms of value for money and base colours, is the MFH suits. They come as a full set with trousers, jacket and a balaclava. The colours on these are very good and still some of the best, very little has to be done to the base colours. The main issue with these suits is the mesh is thin, so if you plan in an environment with a lot of thorns/brambles, then these do get snagged and rip, so they need the occasional repair. Being mesh and having a good base colour to start with is a huge time saver and means they are easy to craft. In my opinion this is the best budget suit, being a bit more than the Asian suits, but less than the NMG suits.


Now for those on a budget, there are countless cheap/basic leaf suits you can purchase, they are all over the usual cheap Asian places and ebay/Amazon etc. Cheap suits are exactly that, cheap…..The base colours are usually absolutely terrible, sizes are all over the place and the quality can be hit or miss. That being said, because they are so cheap, it’s a great platform to experiment with if you’re new to crafting. Being as cheap as £18 same places, they are worth just trying to paint/dye them to see how you can get the colours and if it doesn’t work you’ve not ruined an expensive suit. I’ve seen these crafted to a good level, so certainly something to consider if you’re on a budget money wise, but have some time to get into crafting.

Cheap Suit IMG

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