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What Ghillie Hood To Buy?

Ghillie Hood – What to use and why

So you’re thinking of using getting yourself a Ghillie Hood? Not a bad choice at all!

I’m a big fan of Ghillie hoods, they are lightweight, easy to pack away in a pouch and can be very effective without affecting your mobility. While I own and run many leaf suits, they do have some limitations, the main one for me personally is they do tend to get caught and hinder your speed/mobility. While this isn’t the end of the world and the advantages of a leaf suit certainly outweighs the cons, it is nice to be mobile.

You have a few options of Ghillie Hoods available, from a standard head and shoulder, cape style and even various pre crafted ones. Though I’d personally suggest making your own hoods and suits, as 90% of the art of concealment is the ability to craft, identify your surroundings and where/when things do or do not work, having someone doing this for you will cost you a lot of money as you are having to pay someones time, which can be upwards of 50+ hours.

When choosing your hood/cape, you’ll want to pick a base colour that is going to suit the main environments that you’ll be playing in. I’ve listed some really cheap and basic starter hoods below in a few different colours. Most of the time you’ll tweak the colours slightly anyway.

You can craft the hood in the same kind of way you would do a suit, depending on the base that decided to use, your hood will have a mix of solid material areas and meshed areas. For the mesh areas you can craft them the same way as you would with a leaf suit, which I’ve outlined here.

For the areas of solid material, you need to be a bit more creative, either poking small holes through it to pass things like raffia through, or attaching stuff directly using something like ShoeGoo.

One thing that’s very important is to understand how you’ll be playing when wearing the Ghillie Hood, if you plan to be more mobile, you’ll likely rarely go prone and mainly be crouched or on the move. So with that in mind, you have to craft to that that of play, taking into consideration what vegetation looks like at that height. Bulking out the head and shoulders is a must, the shape needs to be completely removed.

As you’ll be moving more than you might with a leaf suit on, you want a very broken up shape, something that is hard to discern at distant and quickly falls into the the background, so lots of fake leaves/foliage and natural vegetation.

Examples Of Crafted Ghillie Hoods:

This is a basic Marpat base, using cotton and HaloScreen

This is Hawk Sye running a hood I created, used artificial vegetation, sneaky leaves, cut up real tree hide, raffia etc

Ghillie Hood

This image is of my crafted Ataka Diversant Cape in Pencott Greenzone

Ataka Diversant Hood

This is a hybrid leaf hood I designed.

Ghillie Hood


Ghillie Hood Army Green –
Khaki –
Camo –
Ghillie Hood – Empire Airsoft

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