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Ghillie Crafting Talks w/ Silly Ghillie (Live Archive #3)


A little bit about Ed AKA Silly Ghillie

As a former realism painter I saw ghillie crafting as a way to monetize my interest in this form of art. When I started, as far as I was concerned we were trying to dress ourselves to mimic the flora of the countryside.

This to me was just a form of 3D art. The realization that there are many other practical constraints to ghillie suits meant a steep learning curve into textiles, reflective properties, dyeing, pattern creation and so on.

Materials must be lightweight, breathable, tough and have the correct reflective properties and colours. I learnt a lot from the French and Swiss Crafters Theyma HP and Le Covert sartorialist who are still at the top of their game.

I still am no where near what these guys have done for crafting community. As for Airsoft this was the outlet so I could use my creations. Otherwise I’d just be sitting in the woods wondering if anyone might walk by so I could say hi.

Live archive of Sniper Mechanics and Silly Ghillie going over various Ghillie Crafting topics like base suit, 2d camo, 3d materials, and others, as well as asking questions asked by the viewers. If you enjoyed it, please leave a like and consider subscribing!


In this video we cover a range of topics including the base materials used, colour correction, how items are field tested and a bit of history behind Ed (AKA Silly Ghillie) and how he got into becoming the master crafter that he is!

We also chuck in a little bit of banter just for good measure!


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