VSR10 / SSG10 Damper Cylinder Head

One of my newest products to drop is the VSR10 / SSG10 Damper cylinder head. This product follows the same design as the Tac-41 Damper head I made previously.

It features the same dual bore nozzle designs, which can increase power and consistency (as always will vary by build), it has a build in 40A damper pad to both reduce noise and vibrations vs traditional cylinder heads/sorbo pads. Unlike sorbo pads, the cylinder head doesn’t reduce the available air volume.

VSR 10 Damper Cylinder head:

The VSR10 Dmaper CYlinder head has been tested with a number of cylinders and works with:

Action Army Teflon Cylinder
Maple Leaf black Cylinder
Maple Leaf Steel Series cylinders (new and old versions)
Normal PDI Cylinders (unsure on the bore up, but it should)

SSG10 Damper Cylinder head:

The SSG10 Damper Cylinder head has been tested with various Novristch SSG10 rifles and fits perfectly, it will also work with the stock piston, however it willget best results with the W.A.S.P.

Damper Cylinder Head showcase:

VSR10 Damper Cylinder head
SSG10 Damper Cylinder Head

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