SRS W.A.S.P Information:

The SRS W.A.S.P package features:

-1 x  SRS W.A.S.P Base Piston body
-1 x Rear Sear
-1 x Rear Guide Ring
-1 x Front securing Ring
-1 x Plastic Sleeve
-1 x Aluminium Sleeve
-1 x Steel Sleeve
-1 x Non-Airbrake Fitting
-1 x Full Airbrake
-1 x Taper Airbrake
-1 x PU80 Sealing Cup
-1 x SRS W.A.S.P One Piece Stainless Steel Spring Guide
-4 x Spring Guide Orings (to fit new/old generations of buttpad)
-3 x 4mm Spacers (the amount you can use will vary on the spring used, eg the M150 can     only use 1 spacer and M140 can use all 3)

Please Note:

– Due to the rear guide design of the SRS W.A.S.P, you may need to lower your sear height to allow the sear to slide over and release. If you find the piston does not release or sticks, lower the sear height.

– Not compatible with Maple Leaf springs

– When using the weighted set up, DO NOT dry fire the rifle. This may cause eventual damage and is the responsibility of the customer.

– The Piston can only be used with the included spring guide.

 – When using the airbrake, please bear in mind this is only effective up to a certain point in terms of power gains over the non airbraked setup. This is due to how the air works inside the cylinder, at a certain point the sheer power of the spring and piston result overide the airbrakes function and slow to air down to much causing a loss. This “break point” will depend entirely on your setup. That being said, due to the guide ring and cup design alone, even at 4.5J, weighted and unbraked the sound is still reasonable.


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