Kicking Mustang Hide Holster
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My Thoughts on the KMCS Hide HOLSTER

In this video review, I’ll be taking a quick look at the newest piece of gear from Kicking Mustang, the KMCS Hide holster. I’ll be covering my initial thoughts, fitting, materials etc.

KMCS Hide Holster review:

Over on YouTube I’ve done a video on the KMCS hide holster, showing how it fits, how I’ve personally got mine setup, the overall quality etc.

For my setup, for when I won’t be running my chest rig, I’ve got the holster under my left arm, with the included MK23 mag pouch there aswell, then on the other side I’ve utiliused the included admin paniel to attach a Pencott Greenzone utility pouch, which can hold 4 VSR/Pistol magazines, alongside, tools, ammo and speedloader.

This fits perfectly, doesn’t move one setup up and is genuinely comfortable to wear, while keeping a very low profile.

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