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New video on the Novritsch SSG24: Unboxing and initial thoughts/review

So….I went and done it, I  bought myself an SSG24 by Novritsch. Yes, that’s right, I paid for it out my own money, no freebies, no affiliate schemes, legitimately paid for.

With that said, I’ll be doing some content on the SSG24 platform, entirely honest and unbiased, both good and bad, pretty and ugly.

The first video is now live over on my YouTube channel or you can watch below:

The rifle was purchased direct from the Novritsch website, shipped from the Eu and arrived in about a week.

This is the first in a series of SSG24 related content, spread across here, Instagram and my blog. The SSG24 is the rebranded and upgraded rifle from Novritsch, originally it was based on the Modify Mod24 rifle, with a few additional tweaks, both internally and externally.

Internals wise the rifle mainly uses APS parts in terms of the cylinder internals, for the barrel it use a barrel similar to VSR rifles, but with different alignment tabs on the barrel.

Additionally the SSG24 use a bucking similar to VSR/GBB buckings, however the feed lips are much thinner, to work with the thinner SSG24 nozzle.

I do think the SSG24 has some upgrade potential and I’ll be looking into this very soon.

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