SRS Teflon Fluted Cylinder

New cylinder for SRS rifles (Pull Bolt)

This is a new drop in cylinder for the Silverback SRS Pull Bolt Rifles, designed and optimised for the SRS W.A.S.P

The new design offers a nice consistent bolt pull and return, reduced sound over some cylinders due to better tolerances between cylinder and receiver.

Additionally……it looks cool as hell!

SRS Teflon Fluted Cylinder

External Teflon coating
Internal powder coating (please see compatibility notes below)

Please note that preparation to the rifle is needed before installation, watch the instructional video here:

SRS Teflon Fluted Cylinder Compatibility:

– Due to the coating and internal changes, ONLY CUP STYLE PISTONS ARE SUITABLE (EdGi, SBA,SM) No “O-ring” style pistons can be used as the orings have a small surface area and can be easily worn VS the material cups are made off, additionally they allow the metal piston head to scratch on the inside of the coating, whereas as cup pistons do not.

Damage/wear caused from using Oring pistons is easily recognisable and will not be covered.


– Each rifles receiver tolerances are different between batches, some rifles will be smoother and take less time to bed in.

– SRS Teflon Fluted Cylinder externals and receiver, will need regular applications of dry ptfe lubricant, NOT GREASE/OIL.

– Piston cup and inside walls of cylinder need regular applications of Silicon Oil

– Failure to maintain the cylinder may result in wear and will not be covered.


UK – Empire Airsoft

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