W.A.S.P VSR Prototype Testing Results

I just wanted to share some of my early test results on the VSR W.A.S.P.

This is the prototype test results before some of the final production model changes, so not all results are complete and my other file is corrupted (thank you windows).

Hopefully this will help give an idea on what springs might be suitable for your W.A.S.P setup. PLEASE NOTE THIS IS AN EXAMPLE ONLY!

You will need to experiment with your own personal W.A.S.P setup.

Tests were completed on 45’s, however different weights are affected by the different weight sleeves.

Also I’m aware of the spelling mistakes, but was eager to get this re uploaded.

Full Weight and Brake:



Aluminium Weight and Brake:



Aluminium Weight no brake:

Full Weight no brake:




VSR W.A.S.P Information: https://snipermechanics.com/vsr-w-a-s-p-kit/

Purchase here: https://www.skirmshop.nl/en/wasp-by-snipermechanic.html

Purchase here: https://www.skirmshop.co.uk/wasp.html

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