VSR W.A.S.P Kit Information

The VSR W.A.S.P:

-Base VSR W.A.S.P Piston
-1 x Polymer Sleeve
-1 x Aluminium Sleeve
-1 x Steel Sleeve
-Airbrake Fitting Long
-Airsoft Fitting Short
-Non-Airbrake Fitting
-PU80 Sealing Cup
-One Piece Stainless Steel Spring Guide 13mm (normal spring guides can also be used)
-2 x Standard Guide Rings (Black for TM spec Cylinders)
-2 x Small Guide Rings (White, for EdGi/PDI)

The VSR W.A.S.P works with a variety of brands including Tokyo Marui, Maple Leaf, Action Army, Laylax and some clone rifles. You can find some testing on the Gen2 version here

As with any new part, it’s performance will vary entirely on your personal setup and parts list. As this is a heavyweight piston it’s designed for heavy ammo and should be put through the chronograph on the ammo you’ll be using.


Please Note:

– When using the weighted set up, DO NOT dry fire the rifle. This may cause eventual damage and is the responsibility of the customer.

– Please follow the instructions on the video linked here: TBC

– This piston is not for people who aren’t prepared to tech, a variety of brands work in terms of springs, however due to varying spring compression lengths, some springs may not catch depending on your trigger unit and will need a coil removed.

Springs confirmed to work:

PDI 13mm VSR Springs
Silverback SRS Springs (m150 may need coil removed)
Modify/SSG APS2 springs
Rapax Springs


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