Flamingo Buckings


Flamingo Bucking

The Flamingo buckings are something I’ve had in the back of my mind since before the first W.A.S.P, but my lack of design ability at the time, mixed with low fund and not suitable contacts for getting the project off the group, it was something I couldn’t get done.

However, that’s now changed…

With new factories and contacts, plus all the tips and designs tricks I’ve learnt these last few years (no more scribbling on bits of paper), I was finally in a position to bring the Flamingo bucking to fruition.

Flamingo buckings are a series of hop rubbers for the most common platforms, VSR10, GBB pistols and rifles (that use the VSR style bucking), the SSG24 and the SRS (this one allowing the use of the GBB/VSR style barrel in stock/FAST hop units).

What makes the Flamingo bucking unique, more so than it’s design is the material itself, while I won’t go into the details of the exact material I can list some of the properties below:

  • Tough
  • Abrasive resistant
  • Tear resistant. The tear-strength ranges between 500-100 Ibs / linear inch, which is far superior to rubbers.
  • Excellent elastic memory
  • Temperature resistant – At cold temperatures, it will remain flexible down to -68°C (-90°F).
  • Weather resistant -to oxygen, ozone, sunlight and general weather conditions.

GEN 2 – Improvements

The Gen 2 buckings are now made by a new factory, using a new mould process and material. The design has also been tested and tweaked to suit unbridged barrels for the most consistent contact width and length. These will no longer be suitable for bridged barrels.

The Gen2 Flamingo comes in 50A and 60A Shore, 50A is suitable for pistols and sub 400 builds, the 60A is for anything else.

Gen3 (2023) – Additional Improvements

Optimised patch radius
Improved feed lip angle
Improved rear sealing
Patch size increased to suit full open window barrels

Flamingo buckings Compatibility (unbridged Barrels):

  • Maple Leaf Crazy Jets – Suitable
  • Maple Leaf 6.02 Series – Suitable
  • TNT Barrels – Suitable
    LayLax – Suitable
  • Action Army – Suitable
  • PDI (Genuine ones) – Suitable, but very tight and need he use of an Omega nub due to tiny window
  • PDI Clone style barrels – Untested
  • EdGi – Varies, some hop windows were suitable during testing, others were not as the window was shallow.
  • Lambda – Suitable for the open cut window
  • Other Barrels – Untested

Install tips:

  • PTFE the barrel under where the rear of the rubber goes and then over it once installed.
  • For best results use on a barrel with a large window
  • Use a suitable concave nub in rifles, such as T-nub, Omega Nub, Panthera, Skee etc
  • For pistols, the standard V shape arm gives great accuracy, but for the best range use a Hadron H Plate or Maple Leaf Key

where to buy the flamingo:

Empire Airsoft LTD (UK/Europe/US/Canada)
Mantis Concept Designs (Europe)
Airsoft Store.be (Europe)
Amped Airsoft (US)
1Shot Airsoft (US/Canada)

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