MK23 Hex

SniperMechanics Hexx Suppressor

Hexx Suppressor Information:

Brand new suppressor for the MK23/SSX23 and other platforms, made of aircraft grade aluminium, precision CNC machines with a matte black finish.

Small, compact and effective. It’s small profile allows for ease of drawing from holsters and means it doesn’t interfere with the fibre sights on the SSX23.

These come as m16x1 CW threads specific for the TM MK23 / SSX23 and TM HK45 tactical.

There is also a 14mm CCW version available too for other platforms.

Set includes:

Threaded End Cap (you can choose either M16 or M14 CCW)
Main Body
Laser Cut Foam Baffles
End Cap With Elongated Hexagonal Design (one of many designs I’ve tested over the years)

Hexx Suppressor Videos:

You can check out a review of the Hexx Suppressor by Hadron Airsoft designs below:

Where to purchase the Hexx:

You can purchase these from any of the below:

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