Springer Custom Works S-Trigger Review and Exclusive Offer


As some of you have noticed I’ve used the Springer Custom Works S-Trigger in a few of my builds now and always recommend them to people. A few people have asked me why I use them and how do they perform.

Initial Thoughts:

I originally stumbled across Springer Custom Works a while back when they started doing the “S-Trigger” and was immediately intrigued by the look of it. I’d read on a few of the forums that people had used them and they were well made, performing well and having a nice trigger pull.

Eventually as and when my next build came up I decided to take a break from the usual triggers such as PDI, Laylax, Action Army etc and give one a go.

I ordered the S-Trigger through Springer Customs Facebook page and it arrived about 4-5 days later. Upon opening the parcel I was immediately impressed with how amazing the trigger looked.


The S-Trigger is a 90 degree Zero Trigger, which essentially means it holds the piston with a 90 degree sear instead of the usual 45/55 degree sears you see in stock guns and from EdGi. This results in a smoother bolt pull as the piston isn’t pushed up to the top of the cylinder as it is with the 45 degree set ups, in addition the trigger break is a lot nicer.

90 Degree Piston VSR

With the S-Trigger in my hands I could feel how well made it was, everything was firmly held together, the materials polished, all the parts moved freely and the trigger pull was nice and light.

Some details from the manufacturer:

  • it’s designed and manufactured in the Slovak Republic, built from Stainless Steel, using CNC laser cut machines, then the individual components are finished by drilling, tapping, reaming and polishing.

  • Optimized trigger pull ( apx. 0,5 lb with M130 spring and 1 lb with M165 spring installed )

  • Adjustable length of trigger stroke

  • No extra weight (weighs less than standard alloy 45° trigger ) 118 grams


I’ve used these triggers in various VSR builds and my personal ASG M40a3 build. The reason why? They simply just work….I’ve used the triggers with various brands of 90 degree pistons including EdGi, ASPUK, Laylax, Airsoft pro and have yet to come across any issues with compatibility.

ASG M40a3 trigger


VSR 10 Zero Trigger

In the past I’ve had issues mixing and matching some brands, with sears not catching or returning fully, always ending up in me having to sand/polish/test for ages until they start to work. I can honestly say I’ve yet to encounter this with the Springer Custom Works S-Trigger.

As for the durability, I’ve had one for some time now and others on the forums have had them since the earlier versions were released years ago and they are still going strong. I recently posted on Facebook showing my ASG m40a3 shooting at 628 with this trigger, still retaining a smooth bolt pull, in fact the bolt pull on my ASG M40a3 shooting at 628 was easier than the Airsoft pro trigger (not to be confused with the ASPUK trigger) at 500.

Even at a high FPS the trigger pull was still consistent, breaking easily each time I pulled the trigger.

In the UK our limits are 500FPS with .2’s, so I can certainly see this trigger being the last thing to wear out, hell………it will probably outlast me! Springer Custom Works has stated these have been tested up to an M190, which I believe as the FPS limits out there are much higher than here, 600 FPS I think.

Final Thoughts:

After having many triggers over the years, the Springer Custom Works has certainly won me over and I imagine the only time I’d use another trigger now would be because someone had already purchased a trigger elsewhere or the S-Trigger was out of stock.

For the price they are great value for money, work well, built well and the actual company offers outstanding service.

I’m a huge fan of smaller companies getting into the airsoft scene with great parts, competing with some of the bigger more expensive brands.

Springer Custom Works are a good company, making some great alternative parts for Airsoft Sniper Rifles and I have no reservations in using them in my builds and recommending them to others.

**As a special offer, if you order from Springer Custom Works and quote the code “SniperMechanic” you’ll get free shipping on your order!** EXPIRED

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Link to buy the trigger: Empire Airsoft 

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