Hadron Airsoft Designs Saviour Kit 1


Hadron Airsoft Designs Saviour Kit 1


So guys, in case you missed it, I was lucky enough to have Steve from Hadron Airsoft Designs on my Facebook stream the other week, where we spoke about his new product, the Hadron Airsoft Designs Saviour Kit.

This lovely little item, is a split design mag release designed specifically for the MK23 series of pistols and it’s purpose is to solve one of the issues that the MK23 platform has…..Mags being lost due to the stock mag release being activated.

Below you can watch me and Steve chatting about the design, the history and showing some images of how the product looks, there’s also an install video shown, but I’ve also added a full screen version separately below,


Installing the Saviour kit is very easy, it’s literally a case of knocking out the pin which holds the existing mag release in. Then removing it and the spring.

Next you’ll want to put both spring in each half of the Saviour kit, hold then together and place them back into the MK23, using a small flat headed screwdriver to get the springs to seat correctly.

Once that’s done, you can go ahead and insert the original pin and test.


Having been one of the testers for the Hadron Airsoft Designs Saviour Kit, I’ve gotta say I love it. I had the unfinished blank prototypes which worked well, but the final black anodised release versions are awesome!

They feel natural in the hands and don’t take long at all to get used to and if the stop you from losing a single mag, they’ve more than paid for themselves.

For the price and the fact they are gong to help save you from losing expensive mags, I do think they are worth checking out if you’re an MK23 owner.

Hadron Airsoft Designs Saviour Kit

Where to buy Hadron Savior Kits:

Empire Airsoft

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