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Hadron Airsoft Designs: MK23 TDC and Suppressor



So recently I’ve seen some pretty interesting things come out of hadron Airsoft Designs for the Tokyo Marui MK23 and clones, which lets face it, has become the go to secondary weapon of any sneaky airsoft Sniper.

A few of the more interesting things which have caught my eye in recent months was the MK23 TDC dust cover and stubby suppressor by Hadron Airsoft Designs.

Initial thoughts on Hadron Airsoft Designs:

The stock MK23 hop is good but can struggle on heavier ammo and the stock suppressor is quite large, so both these items certainly tickled my fancy.

After opening the packaging, which I won’t bore you with I was greeted with the very simply but clever looking items.

Being made of plastic, they were nice and light but you could still feel they were rigid and well built. In the package I got the suppressor, the TDC cover which comes with two Allan bolts, a 3mm and 4mm.

Hadron Airsoft Designs TDC


Firstly we’ll look at the TDC dust cover, this comes with a nice grit feeling finish, no seams, burs or left over material is present. Overall the item looks nice and feels sturdy enough for the job.

The Allan bolts fit nicely into the top of the dust cover and adjust with a nice amount of friction, meaning that it won’t undo itself. Two bolts are provided to suit the hop combo you plan on using.

Installation is as simple as removing the old dust cover and installing this one.

Hadron Airsoft Designs TDC



Installing literally takes 5 minutes, then you’re good to go.

Hadron Airsoft Designs

When you receive the suppressor it will come in a few parts, the main unit, the baffle, foam and end cap.

Putting it together is as simple as sliding in the baffle  from the front so the plate is at the rear, you’ll feel resistance once it’s in far enough, then insert the foam in end cap. From here you can install the suppressor onto the gun.

Once you install the Hadron Airsoft Designs suppressor on the MK23, it may not line up correctly, so you’ll need to remove the small grub screw as show in the image below, then adjust until the suppressor is aligned, then tighten the grub screw back up.

Hadron Airsoft Designs TDC


Once installed and dialled in the TDC will enable your stock MK23 to lift .4.s with ease. The consistency provided by the TDC unit is great and is certainly one of the most effective upgrades you can put in your MK23, whether it’s the STTI clones or the true TM.

Kicking Mustang actually did a short review test on the TDC he had received, which you can view here: https://www.facebook.com/kickingmustang/videos/1250034035115528/

Once the suppressor was installed, I took it outside loaded in a few rounds and squeezed a few shots of. The sound signature is very quiet and a simple “poof” sound is produced, the muzzle sound is on par with the TM Mk23 suppressor but half the size and twice as cool looking.

Hadron Airsoft Designs PM100


Tokyo Marui MK23


What are my final thoughts on the products?

They are very well thought out, build well and work very well. For the price they are really good aftermarket parts and are something that I’ll certainly be running on my MK23’s (because we all need more than one) and recommending to others.

Whether you’re running your gun stock or as an upgraded DMR, these are both good upgrades and will do your Mk23 justice.

These parts can be purchased from Hadron Airsoft Designs direct. Currently there is a Christmas offer on, so be quick!


Hadron Airsoft Designs Parts: Empire Airsoft

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