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MK23 Upgrades , Best Airsoft Pistol??! Upgrades and Install Guide

Hey guys, so after being asked what pistol I use and what parts I have installed, I decided on making a short video which shows the MK23 Upgrades and how to install them.

Most of the Sniper Ops guys and myself included, use the Tokyo Marui MK23 upgrades with Hadron Airsoft and Maple Leaf parts included.

The reason we use the MK23 is because it’s incredibly silent and with the right parts they can hit out to 90m!!!

Above is the install video showing what MK23 parts to use and how to get them in the pistol.

Available here

Maple Leaf Crazy Jet 150mm Barrel
Maple Leaf Autobot Bucking 50/60
Hadron Airsoft Designs TDC Cover
Hadron Airsoft Designs H Plate
Hadron Airsoft Design RD80 Muzzle Kit
Tokyo Marui MK23


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