Airtac MK23 HPA Kit
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MK23 AirTac HPA Mag Adapter (REVIEW)

In this weeks video we’ll be looking at the AirTac MK23 HPA adaptor with MP5 magazines. If you don’t know who Airtac are, they’re a UK based manufacturer of HPA kits for a variety of platforms, from MK23 to TM MWS.

For this video I’ve installed the kit on an upgraded Tokyo Marui MK23 running a mix of my parts, Hadron and maple Leaf.

Airtac MK23 HPA ADaptor:

The MK23 HPA adaptor from Airtac comes in a few different versions, the one I’m reviewing is designed to us a genuine Tokyo Marui MK23 magazine, with an MP5 adaptor, which can run both long and short MP5 mags, I currently have the long mags, but will be getting some of the short Cyma mags to keep the profile short as the long ones are huge!

The other versions use either SSX/Clone MK23 magazines and can use M4 magazines and even a drum mag, so there’s plenty of options depending on what tickles your pickle!

AirTac MK23 HPA Video Review:

Where to buy Airtac kits:

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