Cyma CM701 upgrade

CYMA CM701 Piston and Cylinder Upgrades

On this weeks video I’ll be starting on episode 2 (CYMA CM701 Piston and Cylinder Upgrades) of my CYMA CM701 series of videos, this particular video I’ll be looking installing an upgraded piston, spring guide and spring.

In this build I’m using a maple leaf cylinder, which for the price are perfectly fine, sometimes you need to clean up the cutout on the bottom though as they can be rough. Spring wise I’m using a Modify M140, piston wise I’m going with a W.A.S.P as I want to be quiet, joule efficient and consistent. Additionally I’m adding my VSR damper cylinder head which matches perfectly with the W.A.S.P.

For those that don’t know, the CYMA CM701 is one of the better VSR 10 clones, which has full compatibility, decent mags and a decent stock, certainly better than the WEL VSR clones anyway.

The main reason you’d be looking at your CYMA CM701 Piston and Cylinder upgrades, is going to be to increase aspects such as power, consistency and durability.

You can find the other episodes below:
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CYMA CM701 Parts:

VSR/SSg10 Damper Cylinder Head
Modify m140 Spring

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