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Hadron Airsoft Designs: Glock TDC

Hadron Airsoft Designs TDC Introduction:

So….what’s this? A new Hadron Airsoft Designs TDC you say? For a Glock?!?!

Hadron Airsoft Designs TDC

Absolutely! Following the outstanding success of the MK23 TDC and it’s various versions/revisions throughout the last few years, Hadron Airsoft Designs has been behind the scenes working on the same principles, but updated to suit the Glock series of gas blowback pistols.

The Glock TDC is designed to fit TM, WE and some APS Glock series pistols, be it the Glock 17, 18 or the APS sharks. it’s essentially anything that uses the TM spec/style Glock hop unit.

In the package you get the 3D printed TDC outer barrel and the grub screw, nice and simply, but let me tell you now…..very effective!  

TDC stands for Top Dead Centre, what it essentially means is that the hop adjustment is directly over the bucking, rather than coming down from an angle. This allows quick adjustments and a very consistent hop setting.

The Hadron Airsoft Designs TDC is built into the outer barrel itself, which features some nice porting, it also protrudes slightly against the stock outer barrel in my TM G18c.

Personally I like this, but I know some purist won’t be a fan. From what I’ve been told this was done to fit a variety of models, better to have some protruding, than having it sit inside the slide.


Installing the Glock TDC is very simple, BUT…there are some things to keep in mind when installing it.

Firstly you’ll want to remove the slide from the lower frame by pulling down on this tab from both sides and pulling the slide forward.

Glock TDC

Hadron TDC

Next you’ll want to remove the recoil guide and spring

Then you’ll be able to slide the outer barrel assembled forward, then down and out, from then you can pop the barrel internals out.

 Next you’ll want to open the hop chamber by removing the 2 screws, at this stage it’s worth adding any upgrade parts you have, in my case it’s a maple leaf drop in set.

When you reassemble the parts, for the TDC cover you need to leave the hop wheel out as it’s no longer needed and causes the TDC screw to sit higher than needed, which can catch on the slide.

Additionally install the Hadron Airsoft Designs TDC cover without the screw installed, once the pistol is back together, you can then add the screws and screw it in so it doesn’t catch on the slide.

Hadron Airsoft Designs TDC

Suggested Upgrades:

Some good parts that pair well with the TDC are the same really as you’d be putting in an MK23.


-Maple Leaf Crazy jet barrel (97mm used in this build)
-Autobot/Decepticon/Super/Wonder/TNT Trhop  50  degree bucking (50 Autobot in this build)
-I key or H plate (ikey used here)

In my experience slightly wider bore barrels work better in gas pistols/rifles, tighter gives good accuracy at short range and an FPS boost, however at range I’ve yet to beat the Maple Leaf crazy jet in a pistol, whether that’s a PDI 6.01/PDI 6.05/EdGi 6.01/Modify 6.03


Overall as expected from Hadron…..this works….it works very well indeed.

Accuracy is vastly improved in terms of actual grouping and consistency, in fairness some of this is down to the additional parts installed, however even with the stock TM bucking it gave very good results.

The ability to use heavy ammo such as 4’s-48’s with a good degree of accuracy and 60-70m range is pretty damn impressive from a side arm, especially in the case of the G18, which can literally send a cloud of 48’s downrange in seconds!

Final thoughts……Absolute must have for people who rely on their secondary, easy to install, cheap, effective, built well. Top it all off with the fact it’s designed and make in the UK!


Hadron Airsoft Designs


Glock TDC UK

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