CYMA CM701 Trigger upgrade

CYMA CM701 Trigger Upgrade

On this weeks video I’ll be starting on episode 1 of my CYMA CM701 series of videos, this particular video i’ll be looking at installing an upgraded 90 degree trigger, the Springer Custom Works V9.3, which I’ve done a review on here.

For those that don’t know, the CYMA CM701 is one of the better VSR 10 clones, which has full compatibility, decent mags and a decent stock, certainly better than the WEL VSR clones anyway.

The main reason you’d be looking to upgrade your CYMA CM70-1 trigger is for durability, easier bolt pull and to enable it to work with most VSR 10 aftermarket pistons such as the W.A.S.P.

You can find the other episodes below:
Episode 2 Cylinder & Piston
Episode 3 Hop & barrel

CYMA CM701 Trigger Upgrade Video

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