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Hadron Airsoft Designs: Modular TDC Review

Hadron Airsoft Designs Introduction:

Once again, we’re here again with another awesome product from Hadron Airsoft Designs!

If the original Hadron Airsoft Designs MK23 TDC wasn’t good enough, we were blessed with the limited edition twin screw and now…..we have what could be the perfect Mk23 TDC system.

What is it you ask? It’s the MK23 Modular TDC!

Hadron Airsoft Designs M-TDC

This is a major evolution of the original TDC taking all the feedback from testers, previous versions and a solid year of R&D to create a TDC that’s adaptable to your setup.

The Modular MK23 TDC is made up of:

Base Frame
Single Screw Plate
Twin Screw Plate

This fits on all of the MK23 NBB variants including HFC/STTI etc.

Hadron Airsoft Designs M-TDC Install:

For those of you who’ve not installed one of the previous MK23 TDC before, it was very simple and this one is no different.

Firstly you’ll want to strip your MK23 down so you can access you hop/barrel internals.

I’ve got an old MK23 upgrade video here showing how to disassemble it.

The only difference with this one is that you angle the front down and clip that on first, before pressing down the rear. As always, make sure you’ve removed the hop adjustment wheel.

For the plates themselves they simply click in and pop out, nice and easy.

The modular TDC is designed to take the single plate screw or the twin screw, additionally these can be installed in two positions, with them front end biased or rear end biased, depending on the bucking you’ve gone for and the key used (if any).

Hadron Airsoft Designs M-TDC

For my build I’m using:

– Maple Leaf  138mm Crazy jet (Skirmshop MK23 exclusive model, so no chamber modifications needed)

– TNT 50 Degree TRhop
– Hadron Airsoft Designed H plate


As with all the other MK23 TDC’s released by Hadron Airsoft Designs, this one is no different, it performs well well.

I’ve had  a pre-release test unit for a while and it was installed into a brand new TM as a baseline. 

Using the TNT Tr-hop, Maple Leaf Barrel and Hadron Airsoft Designs H Plate, I was flinging .48s at sub 1.1J well out to the 80m mark.

While it’s hard to really say whether this performs better than the TDC, I think it’s dependant on your setup. For some buckings with the single screw you don’t get the longest contact area due to the position of the screw, whereas with the twin screw in the front biased position you get a very good contact patch with the TR-hop, for the maple leaf Autobot the patch is widest at the front, so the twin screw at the rear position works better.

The main benefit of this TDC is it’s abilty to change depending on you preferred setup.

As an example of some setups:

 – TNT-TR-hop= Twin Screw front position
– Maple Leaf Autobot/Decepticon = Twin screw rear position

 – Modify Tan = Single screw front position
– TM Stock bucking – Single screw rear position

Hadron Airsoft Designs


As always and probably to no ones surprise, it’s a great product, well designed, good build quality and performs exceptionally well.

If you have a Hadron TDC already (not one of the clone rip offs), is this absolutely needed? No, simply put it’s not needed if you have a previous version, BUT…..if you really do want to get the best out of your MK23 and squeeze every last ounce of performance out or you like to test setups, etc then it’s certainly a good investment.

If you are looking at buckings like the TNT or rhops, then the fact you can change the screw position is a nice touch as you really can find tune your setup.


 – https://www.facebook.com/HadronAirsoftDesigns/

 – https://hadronairsoftdesigns.uk/​

 – https://www.empireairsoft.co.uk/search/hadron/?limit=12&sort=newest&brand=4174918&min=0&max=30

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