Amoeba Striker AS01 Air Volume: How to make it more efficient

Amoeba Striker AS01

Amoeba Striker AS01 Introduction:

So I saw/heard some grumblings about the Amoeba Striker AS01 and its Joule rating on .4’s, 500+ setup. I wanted to just make a small thread covering some very basic (there are some huge threads on this already) information on cylinder/barrel ratios and how you can improve it on the Amoeba Striker AS01.

The issue:

Cylinder Volume is around 1.21:1 on the Amoeba Striker AS01 (Whereas a standard VSR 10 Pro is circa 2.47:1), which for heavier ammo and a 550mm isn’t great. It’ll shoot the heavier ammo, but you certainly won’t be getting the best out of them as the air is used up before the BB has even left the barrel resulting in a loss of energy, which in turn will affect range/consistency.

Essentially this means on a normal sniper rifle such as a VSR10 where at 500fps on .2s, you may get 2.3J on .4’s (depending on the set up, not taking into account Joule Creep). On the Amoeba you might actually only get 1.8-2.1j.

Even though this isn’t terrible, you want to be aiming for 2.3j -2.4j (here in the UK at least) in order to get the most energy out of heavier ammo.

Mods (Updated 31/12/2015):

Adding in a tighter barrel of 6.01 (EdGi 5.98 if you’re feeling brave) and cutting the outer barrel down to 320mm, means you can run a Gspec length inner barrel and add a suppressor, which is what I did……While also making the gun look pretty damn cool in my opinion, alongside being shorter than a Gspec, thank you Amoeba for the correct mag placement 🙂

Update 1:

Having tinkered with the Amoeba Striker AS01 some more, I’ve since got a Nineball bucking installed, 6.01mm Gspec inner, M150 spring and now I’m hitting 492.3 FPS (2.25J) on .2 and 350.8 FPS (2.28J) on .4s.


Doing this means you can be more efficient with the air you have available and get a slightly better cylinder/barrel ratio. After these mods and depending on the barrel you can use, you could potentially end up with a cylinder/barrel ratio of closer to 2:28, alongside keeping the gun quitter .

This essentially means you’ll be able to use heavier ammo more effectively, enjoy!

Amoeba Striker AS01

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