Here you’ll find various guides on a wide variety of rifles/pistols, be it old, new, unusual or rare. We’ll continually expand this area the more content

ASG AW308 Build

ASG AW308 Build Introduction: So another popular sniper platform is the various L96 models which are based on the Maruzen APS-2 design/Type 96, With this one being the ASG AW308. I thought this would be another good build as it’s generally cheaper than a VSR, they can perform quite well and the base guns aren’t …

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Hadron Airsoft Designs: MK23 TDC and Suppressor

  Introduction: So recently I’ve seen some pretty interesting things come out of the woodwork for the Tokyo Marui MK23 and clones, which lets face it, has become the got to secondary weapon of any sneaky airsoft Sniper. A few of the more interesting things which have caught my eye in recent months was the …

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