MK23 Carbine Kit
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OTAR Airsoft MK23 Carbine Kit

MK23 Carbine Kit:

I was lucky enough to have got one of the awesome MK23 carbine kits from OTAR airsoft a while back and i’ve given it a thorough testing and review….. I gotta say, it…is…awesome!

This MK23 carbine kit was a test version and I spoke with OTAR throuout and there were some revisions made to the kit which I was kindly sent for free to ensure I was reviewing the most up to date version.

The MK23 carbine kit is a mix of ASA printing and tough resin, the whole thing is solid, fits well and anbsolutely looks the part. You can see the fullbreakdown below.

MK23 Carbine Kit Video Review:

Where to buy the OTAR Airsoft MK23 Cabrine Kit:

If you’ve watched the video and now fancy one of the kits, you can order direct from OTAR airsoft shop or contact them on facebook, via the links below.

I also have it on good authority (I pestered OTAR until he told me…) that there are longer DMR kits in the works too!

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