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CYMA CM701 Hop Unit & Barrel

On this weeks video I’ll be starting on episode 3 (CYMA CM701 Hop Unit & Barrel) of my CYMA CM701 series of videos, this particular video I’ll be looking installing parts for accuracy and range, namely the bucking, hop unit and inner barrel

In this build I’m using an Action Army VSR-10 hop unit, maple leaf 6.01 inner barrel, Flamingo 60 degree bucking, some Action Army VSR-10 Barrel Spacers and an maple Leaf Omega nub.

Throughout the video I’ll go through each part, how to correctly install it and issues etc to watch out for. As with anything airsoft it “should” fit 🙂

Whole these aren’t necessarily the “best” parts, they are parts which are tried and tested and give good results for the value. Every part used is a part that I’ve used in other upgraded builds that I’ve done.

For those that don’t know, the CYMA CM701 is one of the better VSR 10 clones, which has fullVSR-10 compatibility (meaning everything should fit with little to no modifications), decent mags and a decent stock, certainly better than the WELL VSR clones anyway.

You can find the other episodes below:
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CYMA CM701 Hop Unit & Barrel Video:


if you’re interested in any of the parts I’ve used in this CYMA CM701 build, you can find links to them below.

Maple Leaf Omega Nub
Flamingo 60 Degree
Action Army VSR-10 Hop Unit
Action Army Barrel Spacers
Maple Leaf 6.02 430mm Barrel

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