Raffia: Raffia is the base ingredient for pretty much any kind of ghillie suit, it creates depth, adds tones and generally helps break up the shape of the ghillie. One of the greatest benefits of Raffia is that it’s cheap, very cheap, it’s also available from a huge variety of places so easy to get …

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Flamingo Buckings

Flamingo Buckings

The Flamingo buckings are something I’ve had in the back of my mind since before the first W.A.S.P, but my lack of design ability at the time, mixed with low fund and not suitable contacts for getting the project off the group, it was something I couldn’t get done. However, that’s now changed… With new …

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SRS Teflon Fluted Cylinder

New cylinder for SRS rifles (Pull Bolt) This is a new drop in cylinder for the Silverback SRS Pull Bolt Rifles, designed and optimised for the SRS W.A.S.P The new design offers a nice consistent bolt pull and return, reduced sound over some cylinders due to better tolerances between cylinder and receiver. Additionally……it looks cool …

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VSR W.A.S.P Kit Information


The VSR W.A.S.P: -Base VSR W.A.S.P Piston-1 x Polymer Sleeve-1 x Aluminium Sleeve-1 x Steel Sleeve-Airbrake Fitting Long-Airsoft Fitting Short-Non-Airbrake Fitting-PU80 Sealing Cup-One Piece Stainless Steel Spring Guide 13mm (normal spring guides can also be used)-2 x Standard Guide Rings (Black for TM spec Cylinders)-2 x Small Guide Rings (White, for EdGi/PDI) The VSR W.A.S.P …

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SRS W.A.S.P Information: The SRS W.A.S.P package features: -1 x  SRS W.A.S.P Base Piston body-1 x Rear Sear-1 x Rear Guide Ring-1 x Front securing Ring-1 x Plastic Sleeve-1 x Aluminium Sleeve-1 x Steel Sleeve-1 x Non-Airbrake Fitting-1 x Full Airbrake-1 x Taper Airbrake-1 x PU80 Sealing Cup-1 x SRS W.A.S.P One Piece Stainless Steel …

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New video on the Novritsch SSG24: Unboxing and initial thoughts/review

Novristch SSg24

So….I went and done it, I  bought myself an SSG24 by Novritsch. Yes, that’s right, I paid for it out my own money, no freebies, no affiliate schemes, legitimately paid for. With that said, I’ll be doing some content on the SSG24 platform, entirely honest and unbiased, both good and bad, pretty and ugly. The …

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Silverback SRS Upgrades Video: Now on YouTube

Silverback SRS A1

Just a quick update to let you all know that I’ve uploaded a new Silverback SRS Upgrades video to YouTube: Link to the SRS W.A.S.P information is https://snipermechanics.com/srs-w-a-s-p-kit/ Link to upgrade parts for the SRS are https://www.skirmshop.co.uk/sniper-rifle-parts/srs/ Link to upgrades/beginners guide https://snipermechanics.com/silverback-srs-the-snipermechanics-guide-ongoingevolving-d23/ Links: Accessories: https://www.skirmshop.co.uk/sniper-rifle-parts/srs/

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