T-Eagle Scope Review
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T-Eagle Scope Review


So I’m currently working on a couple of builds, namely a 416 DMR style build, MK12 DMR and a Modify Scout, which is all fine and dandy…..but I have more rifles than scopes currently, so I was on the lookout for some new optics, specifically a short dot style sight for the 416 and a normal rifle scope for the others.

Having a look around on Aliexpress, I came a across T-Eagle and about a billion scopes they seem to make in varying styles. A couple of these jumped out at me and I decided to grab one, the 1.2-6×24 style one in FDE.

After spekaing to T-Eagle direct about postage, we got to chatting and they kindlt sent be an additional scope to review, alongside the short dot style one which I purchased.

Being impatient I paid for expedited shipping and they both landed last week, without mounts which I quickly hopped on amazon and bought, so I could get them fitted and tested.

T-Eagle First Impressions

T-Eagle Scope 1 – T-eagle ER 1.2-6X24

So the first scope I got from T-Eagle, which I purchased was the 1.2-6 x 24. this was bough for my E&C 417 build, which is running the Redline N7 gen2 Milsim.

I was in the market for a nice short dot style scope and I originally grabbed one of the Nuprol ones and it was terrible quality, which is a shame as I had one a few years back and for the price it was too bad at all. However this last one got sent back, so I was left looking around.

Scrolling online I came across some of the T-Eagle Optics, specifically this one, which immediately caught my eye as the FDE colour looked great. I reached out to T-Eagle with some questions on specs/delivery times and after some backl and fourth I went ahead and puchased it.

I paid for expedited shipping as I’m impatient and it arrived in about a week.

T-Eagle Box

IMG Scope

T-Eagle 416
T-Eagle Scope 416

Unboxing it, I was immediately impressed by the quality! The feel of it was great, the colour was spot on and just the overall quality of the lenses and picture were great.

In the box, I got a throw lever which simply screws on, a tool for removing the battery compartment, small sun shade and a set of flip up covers.

Airsoft Scope

This particular model is a 1.2-6 x 24, which for the platform it’s going on was exactly what I was after. I ended up buying a mount of Amazon, whacked it on the 416 and I was in love.

416 DMR Build
1.2x magnification
Airsoft Short Dot
6 x Magnification
T-Eagle 1.2 - 6
T-Eagle Optics

It’s surprisingly hard to take pictures through the lenses and do it justice, but the quality is exceptional, considerably better than other optics I’ve used in the same price range and better than my real steel optic.

The throw level is a nice touch, easy to install, smooth transition between magnifications and love profile.

Scope Throw Lever

The Flip up covers fit on securely and do their job, not really much you can say about them, but it’s a nice tough they are included.

T-Eagle Scope Cover

The turrets are quick adjust, which I always prefer, they can be undone and reset to zero, which is quick and easy to do. To adjust on the fly, you simply pop the cover up, adjust them, then lock the caps back down and you’re good to go.

Testing so far has ben good, no issues with losing zero or fogging, I’ll be taking it to a filmsim this weekend so will see how it holds up, as it’ll no doubt get knocked around quite a lot and covered in filth.

T-Eagle Scope 2 – TF 4-16 x 44 AOIR

The packaging for the 2nd T-Eagle Scope was similar to the other one, it also came with some nice flip up covers which do the job. I was surprised how light the scope was considering how big it is, but the quality of the materials used, especially the lenses is very good.

T-Eagle 4-16x44
T-Eagle Airsoft Scope

This model was going to live on my MK12 or Scout, thought currently it’s living on a Novritsch SSG96 I was working on, which is what it’s on in the pictures.

SSG96 Scope

Adjusting the zoom, parallax and focus are all smooth, no binding or being ridiculous stiff. the image quality is good, very crisp and bright, especially compared to my Vortex Optics Crossfire II. There’s seems to be no distortion between different magnification levels and the eye relief isn’t stupidly close like some of the cheaper optics, there’s a nice distance from where I would naturally position myself and where I need to be to get a good sight picture.

T-Eagle Scope 4 x
4 x Magnification
T-Eagle Scope 16 x magnification
16 x magnification

Hopefully the pic above does it justice, but the sight picture is very crisp and once focus is dialled in, the image is near on perfect. tracking bb’s is incredibly easy even in lower light.

t-eagle transformers
t-eagle transformers
t-eagle transformers Scope
t-eagle transformers Scope 2

The turrets are quick adjust, which I always prefer, they can be undone and reset to zero, which is quick and easy to do. To adjust on the fly, you simply pop the cover up, adjust them, then lock the caps back down and you’re good to go.

I would absolutely grab myself another one of these, or certainly one of the similar models. The quality absolutely warrants the price VS some of the other similar priced optics available. Especially considering they go on sale fairly regularly which is always a bonus.

Where to buy T-Eagle Scopes

The 1.2 – 6 x 24 can be purchased here

The 2nd scope the 4-16×44 is here

They also have an Instagram here

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