FG Airsoft: Push + Pull Kit Review

FG Airsoft Introduction:

A while ago I was having a look on facebook when I stumbled across a video of FG Airsoft showcasing that they were working on a new kit for the SRS Push Bolt, being an owner of both the Pull Bolt and Push Bolt versions of the Silverback SRS, I was intrigued.

FG-Airsoft and me got speaking and they kindly offered to send me a production kit to review in my rifle.

FG Airsoft

The Kit:

The kit itself consists of:

  • New nut for the piston (to allow the return rod and spring to go through)

  • Return springs , either one or both can be used at the same time, reducing bolt pull and increasing power

  • Metal guide rod

  • Main Spring

The additional parts are some spacer rings to fine tune FPS and dampener pads which drastically reduce sound.

FG Airsoft do a few difference versions of the kit, one is the complete kit with cylinder etc and the other is just the additional parts needed if you already have the push kit.

Here is the stock Push kit assembled:

SRS Push Bolt

 Here are the stock Push Bolt SRS internals:

I was sent the complete kit, alongside additional springs, spacers and the dampener pads.

FG Airsoft Push + Pull Kit

In the picture you can see the assembled Push Kit with the additional FG Airsoft Parts underneath.

The kit strips and assemble sin much the same way as the normal kit, with the additional of the spring and rod being inserted into the piston shaft and the new rear nut being installed. The reason for this new nut is due to the cut out it allows the new return spring and rod to be inserted.

At this point you can also add any of the spring spacers you need and also add any of the rubber damper pads which were included.

FG Airsoft Push + Pull Kit for SIlverback SRS

 As per the above image I just have one of the return springs in, however you can slide both in (one fits inside the other), doing so gives an easier bolt pull and a slight power increase.


Firstly….let me start by saying in my eagerness to open everything and check it, I mixed up which springs were which lol

using what I believe is the m130 spring, with 10% return spring installed, no spacers and no dampner pads, i was able to achieve 2J on 4’s in the 22″ SRS setup which has:

590 Maple leaf Crazy Jet
Prowler Nub
Maple Leaf 50 Degree Super bucking

The rifle was relatively consistent, able to get 3fps variance and having no issues getting .4’s out to about 80/85M at 2j’s.

Even without the dampener pads the rifle wasn’t particularly loud, certainly quieter than the standard Pull Bolt version of the SRS.

The rifle was very very quiet, not far of the sound of the SRS Pull Bolt with a WASP kit at the same joules.

The dampener pads reduce the force of the piston head hitting the cylinder head and help slow the piston down and take the brunt of the force at the end of the pistons travel.

Silverback SRS

Thanks to the return spring feature, it does make cocking the rifle easier on the return, as you have the additional force of the return spring wanting to push the bolt back.

With what I think was the M130 spring equivalent (I mixed the springs up)

With the same spring, but using 2 of the spacers I got the below, adding more can get you to the 2.3J mark.

This final picture is the same setup, but I have used both of the return springs (still only 2 FPS spacers though) and as you can see there was a decent level of power increase, taking the rifle to the 2.5J mark on 48’s.

Final Thoughts:

Overall I’m a huge fan of the Pull Version SRS over the Push bolt. That being said the Push Bolt version of the SRS paired with the FG airsoft kit works very well and has a good level of adjustment for fine tuning your rifles power.

The kit itself is simple, but very effective and works well. I’m happy to run my secondary SRS (22″ version) using this kit and found that when using the included dampener pads it is very quiet and consistent, which is always a bonus

If you’re a Push Bolt SRS owner I highly recommend the kit and additional parts that FG airsoft sell for the platform.

As a parts designer myself, I tip my hat to FG-Airsoft and their forward way of thinking up such as simple but effective design. I’ve used some of their GBB parts in the parts and always been happy, this kit is no exception!


If you’re intertested in picking up the Kit you can find it here.

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