1500 Likes: A Huge Thank You!


Wow!! We Just reached 1500 likes!! A huge thank you to everyone who follows my content.


When I started this blog, it just wanted to document some of the builds I was doing and give new players some accessible information and inspiration for their own builds.


Since doing the blog and Instagram, I’ve had a great response, had the chance to speak to some awesome people and been able to give back to the community by sharing information and work with retailers to offer great giveaways.


I really feel the Airsoft Community is in a good place, there’s lots of collaboration, new and interesting ideas coming out, more and more people joining the sport, it just all feels really positive.


I really want to keep the momentum and I’m going keep doing interesting builds as and when I can.  Hopefully there should be some interesting things happening this year which I’m really excited about.


That’s all really, I just wanted to express my genuine gratitude. I’ll try and see if I can do any giveaways/competitions as a thank you.


As always if you guys have any suggestions of builds you’d like to see or have any questions or need help with build, I’m always happy to help.


Stay classy Airsoft 😛

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