My creations

My Creations:

One of my creations is the W.A.S.P System/Kit.

Firstly…lets start with what is the W.A.S.P.

The W.A.S.P is a series of parts/kits that I began working on in 2015 initially, with the VSR W.A.S.P coming to life in early 2016 followed by the SRS W.A.S.P later that year early 2017, with the final production units this year (2018).

W.A.S.P stands for:


My Creations are original idea that came to me while working on various rifle builds, at the time it was a TM VSR and since then the design has been made for a variety of systems, not all of which have been revealed to the public yet or ready for commercial release.

The W.A.S.P was a kit and more specifically a piston which was designed to add an unrivalled level of tuning to any given rifle, while making them efficient, , quiet and overall improving the performance of the rifle it goes into.

The weighted aspect of the piston, allows the user to retain/gain higher joule outputs specifically on heavy ammo, while allowing the use of weaker springs than would ordinarily be required.

Due to the weight and kinetic energy of the piston, the working theory is that due to how the weight affects the acceleration of the piston inside the cylinder, lighter ammo is expelled out of the barrel quickly as they would normally be, albeit slower when paired with an airbrake, however this marginally slower acceleration leads to the same amount of air and energy being transferred to heavier ammo over a slower period, resulting in an increase of the energy transferred.

This can be observed when testing on a VSR, my personal VSR was achieving 1.8J on ‘2s however with the installed W.A.S.P, the Joules on 48’s increased to 2.3J.

Similarly on an SRS the same can be observed, with a 22″ setup a .2 bb results in 2.4J however it creeps up to 2.9J on 48’s.

As the amount of air/energy delivered remains the same as the cylinder volume is unaffected, it comes down to the rate/speed at which that energy is delivered.

Up to a point, the same can be said with an Airbrake, which also affects the pistons travel during it’s last few Cm’s of travel inside the cylinder.

With the W.A.S.P having different weights the user is able to tune their rifle to the ammo they are using, additionally the inclusion of airbrakes further helps this adjustment.

There is however a point at which the power of the spring isn’t strong enough to move the mass of the piston fast enough which then results in a loss of joules, there is a sweet spot of weight and speed for each rifles setup, some rifles favouring a small weight increase of 50g, others 85g or even 119g.

Due to the nature of how many variables there are in any given setup, there will be sweet spots for each build. The W.A.S.P was designed to give a product or tool, that can be tailored to each users own build.

VSR W.A.S.P Information:

The package includes:

-Base Piston
-1 x Polymer Sleeve
-1 x Aluminium Sleeve
-1 x Steel Sleeve
-Airbrake Fitting Long
-Airsoft Fitting Short
-Non-Airbrake Fitting
-PU80 Sealing Cup
-One Piece Stainless Steel Spring Guide 13mm (normal spring guides can also be used)
-2 x Standard Guide Rings (Black for TM spec Cylinders)
-2 x Small Guide Rings (White, for EdGi/PDI)

The W.A.S.P works with a variety of brands including Tokyo Marui, Maple Leaf, Action Army, Laylax and some clone rifles. You can find some testing on the Gen2 version here

Please Note:

– When using the weighted set up, DO NOT dry fire the rifle. This may cause eventual damage and is the responsibility of the customer.

– Please follow the instructions on the video linked here: TBC

– This piston is not for people who aren’t prepared to tech, a variety of brands work in terms of springs, however due to varying spring compression lengths, some springs may not catch depending on your trigger unit and will need a coil removed.

Springs confirmed to work:

PDI 13mm VSR Springs
Silverback SRS Springs (m150 may need coil removed)
Modify/SSG APS2 springs

SRS W.A.S.P Information:

The package features:

-1 x Base Piston body
-1 x Rear Sear
-1 x Rear Guide Ring
-1 x Front securing Ring
-1 x Plastic Sleeve
-1 x Aluminium Sleeve
-1 x Steel Sleeve
-1 x Non-Airbrake Fitting
-1 x Full Airbrake
-1 x Taper Airbrake
-1 x PU80 Sealing Cup
-1 x One Piece Stainless Steel Spring Guide
-4 x Spring Guide Orings (to fit new/old generations of buttpad)
-3 x 4mm Spacers (the amount you can use will vary on the spring used, eg the M150 can     only use 1 spacer and M140 can use all 3)

Please Note:

– Due to the rear guide design, you may need to lower your sear height to allow the sear to slide over and release. If you find the piston does not release or sticks, lower the sear height.

– Not compatible with Maple Leaf springs

– When using the weighted set up, DO NOT dry fire the rifle. This may cause eventual damage and is the responsibility of the customer.

– The Piston can only be used with the included spring guide.




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